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Accessories for Scaling Machine


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Accessories for Scaling Machine Product Details:

Scaling Machine Accessories

1. These accessories differ from manufactuer to manufacture.
2. When ordering, it is necessary to provide information about the manufacture and model of scaling machine you are currently using.

IMPA Code  Part No.                       Name Application
591255 No.1                   HD Tool  Heavy Rusting
591256 No.1-1            Cutter For HD Toll
591257 No.1-2              Disc Pin For HD Toll
591258 No.1-3           Center Bolt&Nut For HD Toll
591260 No.2                   LG Brush Light Rusting
591261 No.2-1                LG-Blade For LG Brush
591262 No.2-2                 Disc Pin For LG Brush
591263 No.2-3               Center Bolt&Nut For LG Brush
591264 No.2-4               Disc For LG Brush
591265 No.3                  Cop Brush Light Rusting
591266 No.4                     Hammer Head Wide Rusting
591267 No.4-1                Hammer Blade For Hammer Head
591268 No.4-2              Disc Pin For Hammer Head
591269 No.4-3                Center Bolt&Nut For Hammer Head
591270 No.4-4                Disc For Hammer Head
591271 No.4-5               Collar For Hammer Head
591272 No.4-6               Washer For Hammer Head
591273 No.5                  Wire Wheel Brush Finishing

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