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How to Install a Boat Trailer Power Winch

12/8/2013 Gillian XINRONG INDUSTRIAL

A winch, once installed onto a boat trailer, helps pull the boat out of the water and up onto the trailer. A power winch uses a motor to power the pulling action of the winch. Advantages to using a power-driven winch include not having to hand crank, handy if you don't have much upper body strength; and faster boat loading times. If you wish to have a winch on your boat trailer, install one yourself and add the mechanical advantage a winch provides.

1.Unscrew the nuts from the mounting plate and remove the bottom retaining section of the mount. Place the top portion of the mounting plate onto the trailer tow-arm and slide it forward toward the trailer until the screw holes are on the outside of the tow-arm.

2.Push the bolts through the screw holes on the mounting plate and place the bottom portion to the mounting plate under the tow-arm and align the bolts to the plate hole. Hand tighten the lock nuts onto the plate. Place the socket onto the bolt heads and the adjustable wrench onto the bottom nuts. Use opposite force to tighten the bolts and nuts as tight as possible.

3.Put the winch onto the mount plate with the cable hook facing the front of the trailer. Insert the mounting screws through the holes on the winch and align them to the remaining mount holes on the mounting plate. Hand tighten the nuts under the bolts and then use the socket and wrench in opposing force to tighten a tight as possible.