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Pneumatic Needle Scalers


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Pneumatic Needle Scalers Product Details:

Pneumatic Needle Scalers
1. Unique needle scaler with integrated anti-vibration system in order to protect the operators hands and arms but not the rust.
2. Optimal weight distribution and fully insulated handle  and pistol body.


Air Hose Size 1/4" and 3/8"       (by attaching reducing nipple
Air Consumption 100l/min.(3.5 cfm)
Air Pressure Max. 7bar (100psi)
Air Pressure Level  99dB(A)
Acoustic Power Level 109dB(A0
Weighted Effective    Acceleration on Handle 4.79 m/s2                             (latest test according to ISO 8662-14)
Needles 2mm*51pcs         3mm*19pcs        4mm*10pcs

                                                                                                                       Pneumatic Needle Scalers

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