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how to use Hand Winch

12/8/2013 Gillian XINRONG INDUSTRIAL

While hand winches are simple in construction, they must be used correctly to avoid injury to yourself or damage to your property. A snapped cord or incorrectly secured winch could spell disaster for anyone or anything within a certain proximity. Therefore it is incredibly important that you understand how to use a hand winch before you attempt to pull any kind of load. If you are part of an off-roading club, hand winch training may be included with the membership. This is a great way to learn how to properly hook up and use your winch.

Even once you feel comfortable using your winch you should perform a few checks each and every time you use it. Assess whether what you are about to tow is safely secured and ask all onlookers to back away. Then, inspect your winch before you use it. You will be looking for any frayed cables, dirt, mud, or any other obstruction that could cause a problem when you begin to operate the hand winch. If you buy a winch that features a shear pin, you will avoid a catastrophic break of the cable. The pin will break when the load becomes too heavy and lock the winch in place. Once you lighten the load or add a snatch box to take some pressure of the hand winch, you can replace the broken pin with a spare and resume your winching.