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water driven gas freeing fans


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water driven gas freeing fans Product Details:

water driven gas freeing fans
water driven gas freeing fans
a high performance,water driven axial flow gas freeing fans. The non-sparking fans offered as either medium or high flow, can ahieve deep penetration suitible for all types of crude oil and product tankers.
max.air flow m3/hr:14400
air velocity m/s:5.0 @ 25 mtr below deck
static pressure max.Kpa operational m3/hr:1.72 13000 @ 500pa
water flow capacity m3/hr:47 to 68
operating pressure max. kg/cm2:10.5 5-10.5
materials casing connections fastenings corrosion protection:aluminium alloy bronze AISI 304 & 316 St/St air chrome or hand anodised
installation Min. Deck Opening Std Deck Flange Water Connections : 260 mm (10.3 inches)ID 318 mm with 10 * 23 mm holes on a 389 mm PCD 1-1/2" or 2-1/2" ANSI male thread
weight:34.5 kgs

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